About Me

My name is Constantine "Chevy" Thompson. I'm a Jamaican born designer with a passion for user-centered interfaces and visual story-telling. I enjoy the challenge of making websites and interfaces beautiful and easy to use.


  • Associate Degree in Visual Communications
  • Bachelor Degree in Game Design (emphasis on Interaction Design).

Chevy is an amazing resource that I've always relied on to give the extra 10% to pull the team forward...

- Jeffrey Yahner, Design Manager, GoDaddy LLC

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Construction Theme

I was chosen to be a website theme designer for the design team at GoDaddy. My assignment was to create a few themes for the construction vertical. These themes were designed to fit the kind of business that needs a new construction website in a short turnaround time. I initially used GoDaddy's Website Builder to create this theme, and then I rebuilt it in WordPress.

As the Graphic Design Manager in GoDaddy's Professional Web Services group, I had the opportunity to work with Chevy (Constantine) and review his work, over a period of several years. During that time I saw him grow to become a very skilled web designer, both stylistically and technically. While I appreciated these abilities, what made Chevy stand-out was his dedication and love for design, his receptiveness to feedback - desire to always improve, and his unfailing work ethic. I happily recommend Chevy; he would be a positive and solid addition to any team."

- Jody Johnson, Graphic Design Manager, GoDaddy LLC

Good Works (UX/Graphic Design)

Just for fun, I took a quick stab at redesigning a website for Good Works Auto Repair. Their website was a bit cluttered, overloaded with content and needed to be simplified. I didn't tell them that I was working on it. I just enjoy the challenge of improving upon a design. I designed this new logo, but I might change it again soon.

Namaste Yoga (Graphic Design)

This is design exercise involved creating a comp in Photoshop for a website homepage based on a particular set of parameters and content. The target audience: Mostly women, 35 to 54 year-old range, with an interest in achieving optimum health and fitness holistically.

Constantine is a solid designer with a good grasp on aesthetics. His designs communicate his understanding of core design, UI and UX principles. A mark of a good designer is their willingness to ask questions, seek out critique and implement feedback to create a better output. Constantine understands this and continually seeks out feedback for self improvement as well as continually works to identify areas of improvement that will benefit others within the creative process. All topped off with a great personality and solid work ethic."

- Keith Corcoran, Creative Director, GoDaddy LLC

This Website (Was Made From Scratch)

I created this website without the help of any frameworks or templates. I first created prototypes in Axure and then wrote the HTML and CSS from a scratch. The main photograph was taken by a friend of mine, then I changed my shirt color from red to green.

I found useful Javascript/jQuery snippets online and modified them for the this site. I used the snippets for the long scroll effect, pop-up thumbnail gallery and mobile navigation menu.

OmniX (UX Prototype)

My involvement with this project began when I volunteered to assist one of GoDaddy's UX directors and a program director in creating a multi-channel campaign interface. This project is still ongoing and I am currently making iterations to the design. The tools I am using to build this prototype are Axure and InVision.

I worked with Chevy who, pretty much as a volunteer, helped with UX design for a new internal tool. This was a win/win as Chevy got some real OJT as a UX designer while the deliverable significantly benefited from his input. Since then, he has given the project a lot of his own time and proven himself not only as someone who can deliver on business requirements of a user interface, but improve upon it with his own ides. He is not compensated for this effort, which exemplifies living the GoDaddy values in several ways. and he is still doing it, with a smile. He is a joy to work with. He deserves a successful switch to doing UX design full time and I am 100% confident he will excel at it.

- Richard Walters, Program Manager
Merchandising and Commerce Platform Team
GoDaddy LLC

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Constantine "Chevy" Thompson



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I've worked with Constantine (Chevy) for long enough to understand his commitment to excellence. One of the traits I find admirable is his ability to focus, never missing deadlines while being open to helping others. Chevy is an amazing resource that I've always relied on to give the extra 10% to pull the team forward. He's a pleasure to work with and I'd hire him again for any position he applied for. His Skillset is ever evolving… Chevy is one of the strongest developers I have ever worked with!

- Jeffrey Yahner, Design Manager
GoDaddy LLC